West Beattie

West Beattie

Joss Fiss, Dorm Parent
[email protected]

Dormitory phone number: (610) 540-0162
Please do not call during study hall (Monday-Friday 8:15pm until 9:45 pm)

Greetings families of students residing in West Beattie dormitory!

I hope this information sheet helps you stay in contact with your son as he spends the current school year with us. There are several rules we ask the boys to follow, and a few are also relevant for you to be familiar with in regards to phone calls, weekend policy, mail and other living responsibilities.

The Phelps School Student Parent Handbook is an essential resource for information on school policies and procedures.  Please take the time to review the handbook, but feel free to contact us with any questions of concerns that remain unanswered or unclear.

Please also review the Parents’ Guide to Residential Life found in the parent section details about when and how to contact your son, ideal visiting hours, addressing mail, and leaving campus.

Finally, remember that theft can occur anywhere, and even though we are a small community, boys should be responsible with all of their belongings. Each boy must bear the sole responsibility for the safekeeping and care of all personal items kept on campus. Each student is also responsible for damage to his room or other school property. We thank you for your assistance in these matters and for the privilege of working with your son.

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