Summer Reading

Summer Reading

Phelps students are encouraged to read independently during the summer to continue their learning and skill development. They can also also earn extra credit in their English classes by submitting a two-page report, following the guidelines below, to their English teacher during the first week of classes. (They must read and write about books on the approved list.)

See the guidelines below.

Book Report Format

Title and Author
Plot – What was the major conflict? Identify and describe the protagonist and the antagonist. (What was the “problem” between them?) How was the conflict (problem) resolved? What did you learn from the conflict’s resolution? What did the main characters learn from the conflict and its resolution?

What is the Point-of-View (first or third person)?

Character – Describe your favorite character in detail — his or her appearance, personality, behavior, and relationships with other characters. What is this character’s impact on you? What has he/she made you think?

Setting – Describe the setting in detail – location and time period. Describe the story’s mood. Does the setting change? Does the mood change? How were those changes significant?

Theme – What was the story’s main idea? Were there more than one? If so, describe each theme’s overall importance.

Your Opinion – What did you think of this book? Would you recommend it to other students your age? Why or why not?

All six sections must be included. Reports are due during the first week of classes in September.

Summer Reading Lists

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