Post Graduate Studies

The Phelps School Postgraduate Program

The Phelps School’s Postgraduate Program offers high school graduates the opportunity to dedicate an intensive and purposeful “gap” year to achieving academic, athletic, or personal goals in route to optimum college readiness.


Our postgraduates (PGs) challenge themselves with advanced coursework, such as AP and Honors classes; they study, train, and compete with other gifted student athletes to secure NCAA eligibility at the DI, 2, or 3 levels; they gain independence, accountability, and leadership skills by living and working within a “global brotherhood” of diverse students from all around the world and just down the road.

There are many positive outcomes to consider when choosing a gap year.  Surveys of students who took a postgraduate year report increased maturity, self-confidence, and preparation for college, with studies showing higher grade point averages earned in college from this cohort when compared with their peers.

Many of our current students and recent alums mention NCAA scholarships as a key motivation for and benefit from their PG year. In addition, they also testify to an equally valuable, if more intangible, advantage: getting the opportunity to experience the “examined life.” The PG Program represents a crucial chance to really take stock–of their academic interests, of their time-management skills, of their ability to be flexible and acclimate to new communities and routines–and in so doing, to confirm their preparation to take the next step into college life. For some students, this means recalibrating the balance of athletics and academics; others describe exploring new subject areas, now with the benefit of small class sizes and the ability to collaborate with faculty on course design.

“It’s a lot of work, but it pays off.”

-Current Postgraduate Student

Please contact Admissions office at [email protected] for more information.


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