Post Graduate Studies

About Our Post Graduate Year

While the reasons our post graduate (“PG”) students choose to attend The Phelps School are many, all agree they leave better preparation for their college experience. Some have chosen to spend the year following their graduation at The Phelps School to grow in maturity and independence and to gain more valuable skills necessary to be successful at the post-secondary institution of their choice.

For some students who were unable to earn successful admission to their first choice colleges, a post graduate year allows the PG student to demonstrate his aptitude and a chance to apply to those schools again. With the increasingly higher standards for college-level student-athletic eligibility, our PG program helps aspiring athletes gain the ability to navigate the road to academic eligibility while further demonstrating their athletic prowess.

Regardless of why a PG has chosen The Phelps School, the extra time allows these young men to leave far better prepared for life at the university level.

Post Graduate FAQ’s

  • Q: Do all post graduates (PGs) board on campus?

    We offer both day and boarding options to our PG students at The Phelps School. Both day and boarding students alike are deeply invested in our community and are integral pieces of our programs at The Phelps School.

  • Q: Is there an age limit?

    There is no specific age requirement of a PG student. However, there may be age specific requirements to play competitive sports at The Phelps School. Therefore, if athletics will play a major role in a student’s PG goals, it is important to clarify during the admissions process how the student’s age may affect his ability to compete.

  • Q: Are there special post graduate classes?

    Each PG’s schedule is designed to enhance the student’s academic profile and to ensure that he is prepared for the intellectual intensity of college. Some students may take Advanced Placement courses in hopes of acquiring college credit for their postgraduate coursework. The academic workload is customized for each PG at Phelps in order to provide him with the most challenging opportunity for growth and success.

  • Q: Will post graduates earn a diploma?

    Although most PG’s attend The Phelps School for only one year, they are fully integrated into the school community, and are considered valuable members of the senior class. All PG’s are required to be diploma candidates and are considered full members of the graduating class.

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