Class of 2015 parent:

The Phelps school has been an incredibly rewarding experience for my son and our family. … The attention to the individual and the passion for connecting with the student exhibited by the staff at Phelps has been beyond our expectations. Our son has been transformed from a disenfranchised child, lacking in self-esteem to a successful student, engaged in sports and academics, capable of succeeding in an increasingly competitive world.”
Madelyn Abell:
Our family greatly appreciates all you and the other faculty members have done to make our son’s transition to Phelps such a positive experience. He was previously apathetic about academics and was not recently participating in any team sports. Since coming to Phelps the change has been astonishing to me and my husband. He truly is emotionally involved with learning and seems to want to please his teachers with whom he has strong connections. After dinner, he does homework without any prompts or procrastination. He joined the soccer team due to the requirement and it has become the highlight of his day. All this may not sound that impressive but it is for our son. Now he truly wants to earn the respect of his teachers, is focused on academics, is more interactive with me, my husband and adults in general.
Fred Mase:
Since going to Phelps, my son evolved into a better person.  Not only did his jaw straighten out a bit and his voice deepen, but something shifted about his demeanor, which gave an aura of authority and confidence, discipline and curiosity. The school’s administration worked with me on the transition, but more importantly with my son. The Phelps School truly fosters an environment that maximizes the potential of all the boys there. I am nothing but grateful for the opportunities that the Phelps School created for my son and I am confident that Phelps prepared him well for the trials of college and the wonderful, yet testing life ahead of him.




Effective Study Skills – How to Help

Guidelines for day students’ parents as they monitor study time at home:

  • Establish a specific study/homework time and place – and have him stick to it!
  • Remove distractions and devices not required for schoolwork.
  • Join him each night in reviewing his list/calendar of tests, assignments, and project-due dates.
  • Encourage him to start each night with his most difficult assignment and most challenging subject.
  • Remind him to begin studying and preparing for tests several days in advance.
  • For classes with no specific assignment due the next day, he should review notes and major topics.
  • Check on him periodically during study time and see that all assignments are completed.
  • Encourage him to write in his Learning Journal!
  • Encourage him to read great books beyond the curriculum.
  • If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email his faculty advisor.
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