International Students

To sit in a classroom at The Phelps School is to sit in an international meeting space. Students from all over the world attend Phelps, making it rich in cultural diversity and providing students with a global learning experience.

We accept students with wide-ranging levels of English proficiency. Our expert and experienced ESL instructors work well with each student to improve his comprehension and speaking skills. While we do not require specific TOEFL scores for admission, scores do help us place students appropriately in our four levels of ESL.

Our international students improve their English skills and experience American culture through their daily interactions in the classroom and in dorm life. We provide academic support as well as specialized ESL English as a Second Language (“ESL”) classes depending upon each student’s needs.

Students enjoy wide-ranging activities after school and events on weekends for fun and fellowship with new-found friends.

The core of our philosophy is to expose the student to as much English as possible while providing a safety net of support. Our ESL students are mainstreamed into most core classes for full academic credit. Instead of a regular English class, however, they are placed into ESL classes where they can work at their own level and speed to build their English language skills. Students who need additional help take scaffolded history and science classes to assist with vocabulary. At the end of each class day, students can take advantage of the tutorial period to see teachers for extra help or explanations.

A number of boys enroll each year in our comprehensive English as a Second Language program to raise their TOEFL scores well above the minimum of 85 required by many colleges and universities. Our English Language Learners (“ELLs”) receive a higher level of support than they would at most schools, and we help them attain a TOEFL score of 90 before they join mainstream English classes.  Our methods, and our very talented ESL teachers, benefit our international students tremendously.

International Student Application Process

  • Download the application materials

  • Send in with required documents

    Complete and send the application to our Admissions Office along with a school transcript in English, two recommendations, a copy of the student’s passport photo page.

  • Pay the application fee

  • Sign Enrollment Agreement

    Once the student is accepted for enrollment, parents can sign the Enrollment Agreement and return it to the Admissions Office along with the tuition deposit ($10,000). Only then can an I-20 can be issued.

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