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The Phelps International Student Program

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Our international English as a Second Language program helps non-native speakers improve their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Our ESL teachers are talented and experienced.  They hold advanced degrees and certifications in teaching English to non-native speakers, and they have lived and taught overseas.

The ESL program supports students with various levels of English proficiency.  Boys progress through four levels that combine “sheltered” ESL classes and “mainstream” classes (alongside native English-speakers).  Each student’s goal is English fluency and a competitive TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score for college admission.


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Based on their TOEFL Junior test results, students are placed in course levels according to their language development.

  • Beginners concentrate on communicative competence and basic grammar and writing skills. They take ESL science and history courses.
  • Pre-intermediate students develop advanced communicative competence and composition skills. They continue ESL science and history courses.
  • Intermediate students begin mainstreaming into regular classes and start earning high school credits.
  • Advanced students develop more sophisticated language skills through speaking, writing, and reading assignments. They prepare for the TOEFL and enjoy a cultural component.  They earn high school credits in mainstream classes.

Exemption from the ESL program is based upon classroom performance and placement scores, as determined by Phelps administrators.

For more information about life as an international student at Phelps, visit the International Students page or contact our Admissions Office at [email protected].

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