The Phelps School Faculty & Staff

Margie Abraham
ASP Instructor
Director of Community Life

Amy Anderson
Math Instructor
Director of Studies

Lisa Ballard

Dennis Birtch
Social Studies Chair

Tom Corcoran
Executive Assistant

Stephany Fahey

Abby Fitzpatrick
Mathematics Chair
Academic Dean

Dr. Lou Giangiulio

Greg Hagel
ASP Instructor

Josh Fiss
Athletic Trainer

Carrie Hemler
ASP Instructor

Sarah Kelley
Art Instructor

Craig Jones
Head of School

Andy Kinney
Science Instructor

Pat Knight
Director of Support Services

Tim Knight
Spanish Instructor

Michael Kowalski
Social Studies Instructor

Dan Knopp
Math Instructor
Assistant Head for Academic Admin

Matt Lane

Mathew Lane
Dean of Students

Ida McIntyre
Business Manager

Mike Mansi
Language Arts Chair

Angela Merkel
Director of ESL Program

Joshua Pelkey
Assistant Head for Enrollment Management

Taylor Perkins
Assistant Director of Athletics and Facility Rentals

Bob Reich
Science Chair

Tony Semenuik

Brian Shanahan
Director of Athletics

Sandy Stotz

Tricia Thomas
Business Assistant

Keith Wagner
Head of Maintenance

Lauren Walton
Director of College Counseling

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