Physician on Campus

Dr. Lou Giangiulio, Physician [email protected]

Meet Dr. Louis Giangiulio

Phelps’ school physician

Dr. Giangiulio is in his eighth year as school physician at Phelps. He is a board certified in Pediatric and Adolescent medicine physician. Visit his website at for more background info.
“My job at Phelps allows me to give the highest level of care to the Phelps students on campus thereby maximizing their time in the classroom and their learning environment.
 My goal is to keep our students as healthy as possible during their time at school, and to minimize any unnecessary time and expense going off-campus for non-urgent medical concerns in the Emergency Room. My secondary goal is to keep all of our students up to date on their annual exams, including catching up on any immunizations they may need to remain in school in PA.
The best part of my job at Phelps is getting to know the students on an individual basis and having daily interactions with them throughout the school year.  This allows me to provide quality medical care at a level rarely experienced at a boarding school or even in the outpatient clinical setting.”
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