As COVID-19 safety measures continue, we will update this web page regularly.  Email will remain our primary means of communication with Phelps students and families.  If our plans must change in light of new circumstances and guidance from health departments and governmental agencies, we will do all we can to keep our school community informed.


The current requirement is for students to remain off campus until Monday, April 13.  Until then, classes will resume online.  Distance learning will begin on Wednesday, March 25.  Our hope is that restrictions will be lifted and that classes will resume on campus on Tuesday, April 14.  We plan to send another update by Monday, March 30.  We will announce any changes as far in advance as possible to help families make travel plans.

Phelps will use the many resources available through Google (“G Suite for Education”), such as Hangouts Meet for video-conferencing and live classroom presentations and discussions.  Phelps students are already familiar with Google Classroom, which most teachers use as the primary method of sharing and collecting assignments, as well as the Sycamore school-information system.

If you do not have a computer or stable internet access at home, please contact your faculty advisor or Mr. Jones, who will work with the IT director to explore options for you.

Please inform your faculty advisor or Mr. Jones about your dilemma.  We will work on alternate solutions.  A student’s grades will not be impacted by technology limitations outside of his control.

Google Hangouts Meet sessions can be recorded and archived for viewing later by students who cannot participate live.  Students will be expected to complete assigned work.  Teachers will be available for individual consultation sessions via phone or video conference.  No student’s grades will be penalized as the result of his being in a different time zone.

We plan to resume afternoon sports and activities when students are back on campus.  It is possible, however, that schools will be required to cancel interscholastic sports events for the remainder of the year.  We will see. . . .

The school’s leadership team is in regular contact with peers at other boarding schools, facilitated by our professional associations.  Together, we strive to develop and share best practices for learning and to support each other in following health and safety guidelines from the CDC and the PA Department of Health.

Please do not come to campus without an appointment approved in advance by the Head of School or other school  administrator.  Students will be allowed to return to campus to pick up essential items such as travel documents, medication, and Chromebooks, but only if they follow the Guidelines for Visiting Campus outlined below. After reviewing the guidelines, if you know that you are not a safety risk to others, you may call ahead and sign up for a specific time to come to campus and meet the staff member on duty on Tuesday through Friday, March 17-20, or on Tuesday, March 24.  Please call the AIC phone (484-325-0849) when you arrive.

Guidelines for Visiting Campus

Calendar of Events*

Monday & Tuesday, March 23-24 — Faculty In-service, preparations for Distance Learning.

Wednesday, March 25 — Distance Learning begins.

Monday April 13 – All boarding students return to campus by 8 p.m. (Dinner is served at 6 p.m.)

Tuesday April 14 – Classes resume on campus.

*Subject to change. Please check Phelps emails and website for up-to-date information.

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