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News Updates from Phelps Alumni

Joseph D. Bell (Duffy)

Duffy wrote to tell us he is doing well.  He turned 70 on January 5th and was given a lovely surprise party by friends and family.

Charles R. White Jr.

Charles writes, “I am still living in Winchester, VA.  Am married with four grown children, five grandchildren, and another on the way.  Am retired from a career in banking.  I am very active in civic work; on the board of a local Exchange Club (was president for district of VA 06-07).  I am also on the boards of a couple of other not-for-profit organizations.  I help manage some family real estate.  I served four years in the US Army with overseas service in the Phillippines.  Obtained my BS and MBA degrees from Shenandoah College.  Would love to hear from fellow classmates.”  (4/1/2008)

Peter Hussing (6/8/2009)

Peter writes, “Well, well…and howdy do to you all. Since leaving Phelps, I went (graduated) to Florida State University for undergrad, then to University of Pittsburgh for grad…all in Marketing/Advertising. I didn’t finish GRAD because I got bored with what they were trying to teach. I was right as my career in these fields proved I knew more than they were professing to teach. Sound contentious? Nah. Since graduation of colleges, I have worked for advertising agencies and been in marketing for corporations. Mainly all in Fast Food accounts. IN FACT, and hopefully Norman T. Phelps Jr will read this and his beautiful wife-can’t remember her name-as she would appreciate this, I was RONALD McDonald in Pittsburgh for 3 years. Aaaah, where I took the beginning of my career! I live in a northern suburb of Atlanta and have been here since 1978, with a couple of off years in VA. That’s Virgina, not the Vet Admin. Had my own advertising agency for 15 years and sold it a few years back, but now am bored and looking. I’ll never retire. Might drive a school bus?? Talk about a variation on a theme-Phelps, college, grad work…. I’d like to hear from a few in my class of ’68 and/or ’69. Might suggest we all get together for a reunion party. So if you read this, send me an update where to reach you. Bye for now.”

Jeff Hamilton

Am married and living in Hermitage, PA 16148-3548. Have one dog (Tommy) and one cat (Christy). Enjoy swimming, golf, horseback riding (English of course). Would like to hear from John Reed, my roommate at the time. And other classmates of 1970s. So send me some news about them. Would like to attend alumni weekend in May. I’m 60 now and my wife is 62.


Jeff Hamilton

Email – [email protected]


Scott Beasley


Everything fine here on the eastern shore of Maryland.  Just became a grandfather 11 days ago, little girl born to my oldest son and his wife Janine.  My son Jon just turned 31.


Scott writes, “Everything’s good. Going to be a grandfather in about 8 weeks. Who would have thought! I am on Facebook…”

Congratulations to Panop Phadranavik on his wedding.

Michael P. O’Leary is retired from 35 years working as a commercial analyst and living in St. Augustine, Fla., from September to May. He spends summers at his cottage in NY state near Saratoga. He is enjoying traveling and “goofing off.”

Christopher States 3/4/2011

Chris writes “I am still working in a hospital ICU as an RN.  Have 3 grandkids now.  Would love to reconnect with ex-classmates.”

Jay Somers 6/22/2009

Jay writes, “Best wishes to all and to the Phelps family. Doing well at 52 here in Florida. Alive and still plowing right along with the best of them! Having a good year, and the memories of my time at Phelps still were some of the best. Best to T. Phelps and our class with Bill Senning and Murray Fisher! It was a good class of guys back then. With warmest wishes, J. Somers, Jr”

John Warner

John Warner would love to hear from his classmates.  You can call his cell 717.752.7320 or send him a letter at

214 Chambersburg St., Apt. 4

Gettysburg, PA  17325

Robert H. Walsh

Robert would like to share his contact information:

14803 Lindsey Lane #228 A

Silver Spring, MD 20906

[email protected]

240-669-9946 (h)

240-476-8291 (c)

Doug Harrington 12/13/2008

Doug writes, “I work at Macy’s Department Store in Fairlawn, just west of Akron, OH.  Macy’s is at a mall, and across the parking lot is a church on adjoining property.  The Lutheran church has an enormous bell tower that plays tunes of popular songs and church hymns each half hour.  One tune it plays is the tune of our school Alma mater.  How neat is that?  I work outside on occasion, and when I hear that tune, I sing to myself our Alma mater.  This been on-going for about three years.  So, I know my school song inside out – no doubt.  Naturally, I think of Phelps quite a lot.  Go Phelps!”

Scott Dunn 7/28/08

Jim Dunn, the father of Phelps alumnus, Scott Dunn, has published a book about Scott’s death in 1991: Trail of Blood, by James Dunn and Wanda Evans

Additionally, the documentary is now being shown on Tru TV, previously Court TV. The title of the documentary is “The Empty Grave.” He wrote the book as to help others in a similar situation. Mr. Dunn donates all proceeds from the book to Parents of Murdered Children or to The Missing Persons Center (CUE) in Wilmington, NC.

Scott loved The Phelps School and his teachers, especially Mr. Phelps. He learned a lot when he lived in the dorm and from Mr. Parney in particular.

Hugh Fenwick 7/18/2008

Hugh is living in Lake Tahoe and flying the Boeing 767 from JFK for American Airlines.

Kevin Duggan 5/30/2009

Kevin writes, “I finished basic training at 40.  Can you believe that?!  Shipped to Ft. Lee, VA now.”


David A. Shevock II 2/8/2009

David writes, “I have a new black lab puppy called Amp.”


Allen Northcutt 8/1/2008

Allen is getting married in the summer of 2009 on Cape Cod.

Todd Snider 2/16/2009

Todd writes, “In March, I’m going down to Florida for my sister’s wedding and am going to have a chance to see Dana Lynch (Boca).  Facebook has been a great way to find old schoolmates.  I can’t believe how many of the guys are on it.  It’s been great to get back in contact with them.”

Andrew Wilmerding 6/30/2008

Andrew recently served as a crewmember on board a 157 foot sailboat.  Andrew began his trip by flying from Boston to San Juan, and then to Grenada where the boat (pictured above) was harbored.  From Grenada, the crew set sail to St. Maarten for a restocking of food and supplies.  They also planned a stop in Bermuda for a few days before proceeding on the final leg to Newport, RI.  Andrew estimated that the trip would take approximately two weeks, and we look forward to hearing from him once they reach Newport!

The trip was great! Andrew and crew did not end up stopping after they left St. Maarten. They were able to sail more than they were planning since the winds were good. They only hit one storm off NC with 45+ mph winds and lots of rain and lighting. The boat was like a tank… with three reefs in the main, they still moved along at 12 knots!!

They saw huge marlin fish, whales and lots of dolphins who like to play in the wake of the bow. The baby dolphins were super cute – Andrew enjoyed watching them learn to jump in the waves.

Gregg D. Kashuck 4/12/2008

Gregg writes, “I have been married for five wonderful years to my wife, Danielle.  We have two amazing sons: Jacob, who is 2, and Ryan, who is 1.  I am currently enjoying working as a special education teacher, and I work with autistic students.”

Michael Emig February 2012

Congratulations to Michael – he proudly announced the arrival of his new baby girl, Miller Bowe Emig, born 1/21/12 @ 12:37 a.m.  6.5 oz 20 inches long.  She came a little early at 35 weeks.  Mom and baby are healthy and happy!

January 2012

I have been living in Charlotte NC for the past 5 years, I have been married for 3 and we are expecting our first child any week now, (girl) sorry Phelps School haha.  As per my career, I have been in the real estate business for the better half of a decade and things have been (knock on wood) holding its own.

Lance Helms 9/11/2010

My wife Heather of 4 years and I just had our first child (Anniston Jaylen Helms) in August of 2010. We are currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I often ponder the years that I spent at the Phelps School. From the dorm life, to friendships that I gained, and the leadership that the staff provided to guide me to where I am today. Hope all is well with everyone from my class of ’99 and the other classes that I shared the experience with.
Thanks, Lance Helms

Rob Caden 9/26/2011

Rob recently visited the US and stayed with Mr. Knopp’s family.  He and his wife, Cheer, are expecting their first child around March 2012.  Rob is working at Weinan Gao Xin Middle School teaching 8th and 10th grade English.  Rob reports – “I just got some special recognition from the local government for my ‘English classroom’.  I completely redesigned the classroom from the ground up with the intent of providing an environment totally in English.  the classroom has a computer and projector, the walls are painted and decorated with English posters and slogans, there is a library corner with a rug and comfy chair (though not too many books yet).  It is basically totally different from the students typical classroom (in China).”

Paul C. Williams 3/15/2009

Paul writes, “Just got married on January 17, 2009 to Amanda.  We are living in sunny Florida.  Met her in college in my junior year.  We work together at a call center, taking calls for Verizon Business DSL service.  Hope all is well at Phelps.  Thanks a bunch for a great time there.”

James Blake

Permatex/Follow A Dream Kicks Off 2012 Season in Gainesville

Marstons Mills, MA – March 8, 2012-Jay Blake’s Permatex/Follow A Dream team makes its 2012 debut this weekend at the Gatornationals in Gainesville, Fla., where the team won the Top Alcohol Funny Car title in 2006.

“The first race of the year is always exciting,” said Blake. “Tuner Tommy Howell is back from working overseas all winter, and every single member of the team is back with us for another season. Permatex returns as our major sponsor, and that kind of continuity really strengthens a team. It’s a little nerve-racking because it’s the first race of the season, and we all need to knock the cobwebs off, but we’re ready to get back to the racetrack.”

“Jay and the team did a lot of work over the winter to make the car lighter, which should make it faster,” said driver Todd Veney. “They went from one end of the car to the other preparing everything, and the car should be about 40 pounds lighter than it was last year. The air in Gainesville is always good this time of the year, and the track is one of the best in the country and one of my favorites. Even though it’s the first race of the year, we’re shooting for a career best right out of the gate.”

Qualifying sessions are scheduled for 10:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Friday and 10:00 a.m. Saturday, and the first round of eliminations goes off Saturday afternoon at 4:15.

Following the Gatornationals, the Permatex/Follow A Dream crew will stay in Gainesville for a full day of testing. From there, the team will hit the national events in Charlotte, Houston, Chicago, Norwalk, Indy, and Reading.

For more information, go to the official team website,

Glenn Kewley 8/24/2011

Glenn was discharged from the Navy on August 26, 2011 after serving for six years as a Nuclear Reactor Operator on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt.  In September he will begin classes to finish his undergraduate degree at Columbia University.

January 2012

Glenn writes – “I am really enjoying my time at Columbia, and in New York City. I came here intending to major in Economics, but I had a some really inspiring professors my first semester that led me to branch out. I’m still considering majoring in Econ, but I am also considering continuing my previous study of physics with some courses this semester. In my US History class I discovered Columbia has an extensive history in physics research, most notably: Einstein was a professor here, as well as the development of the Manhattan, A-Bomb, project. I hope all is well at The Phelps School, and please pass on warmest regards to the faculty.”



Class of 2007

Jimmy Ance

Jimmy Ancel 7/19/2008

Jimmy is in Santa Cruz for the summer, taking classes and working. He is completing 1/3 of a year of credits this summer and plans to do that every summer so that he will be finished in three years instead of four. He is definitely enthusiastic about getting a job and having money. He is working maintenance on campus, which is going well, and he plans to continue throughout the next school year.


Peter Castelli 12/21/2010

Since graduating Phelps in ’07 I’ve been still doing my sports thing by coaching my local high school football teams and defense and also Pop Warner. Also, I’ve been coaching sister’s basketball and swim teams. This summer I’m working at the U.S. Open Golf Championship. Also did an internship with the Redskins that didn’t last long but was fun. Well, that’s pretty much it for me.

Austin Rand 4/15/2009

Austin is having a good year.  Ripon College is very academically challenging.  Almost 20% of his freshman class were valedictorians of their high schools.  The competition is intense, and he is doing well.  He has made some good friends and participates in much the school has to offer.  He is the ping-pong champ, the number two bowler, and he came in second place in the Hot Wing Eating Contest.

Miguel Ferrer 3/19/2009

Migs arrived in boot camp in Great Lanes, IL on March 5th.

Michael Metzger 1/16/2009

Michael writes, “Currently a freshman at Arcadia University.  Traveling to London in March with the study abroad pre-view program.”

John Kirkpatrick 11/14/2008

John is a freshman at Northwood University this fall and is the recipient of the Free-Enterprise Scholarship for the 2008-2009 academic year.  The Free-Enterprise Scholarship is awarded to a student who has exhibited academical excellence during his high school years.  John will work toward a business degree from Northwood.

Kyle Vinales 12/8/2011

Kyle Vinales is living the dream – ranked the #1 scoring freshman in the country!  We congratulate him and wish him much continued success in school and on the court!

Central Connecticut State vs. Michigan State

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