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Nicholas Rochester, Class of 1966, and his wife, Marsha, donated beautiful Hemerocallis to Phelps. The Rochesters have grown and registered several new species of Hemerocallis that you can find on the Daylily Society Website –www.daylillies.org

Presently I have a store selling fine jewelry, gems, crystals, minerals, and fossils. I have a degree in geology from Northeastern University in Boston (excellent university). I have worked professionally in the oil fields of Venezuela and eastern Texas, did a stint as a curator of Geology, was a professional independent consultant, and more. I taught exceptional students part-time for a while. Having excellent grades at Phelps helped in becoming an educated adult.  At 61, I remember hard and easy times at Phelps. Visit my store! Enjoy life!

Nicholas Rochester

Class of 1966

His store is Rochester’s Eclectic Emporium in Oxford, ME

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