Academic Support

A distinctive strength at Phelps is our Academic Support Program

Some boys with diagnosed learning issues come to Phelps specifically for our acclaimed supplemental support program. Our school psychologist and ASP teachers create a personalized learning profile, instructional program, and support plan for each boy who needs it. At Phelps, students who learn differently aren’t made to feel different. They are encouraged to find their unique paths to attain new knowledge, master new skills, and develop whole new confidence in themselves. We offer outstanding support for struggling learners to join their classmates on their journey together to become better men.

Mrs. Patricia Knight, ASP Director, is an experienced learning specialist and certified school psychologist.

Each student enrolled in the program is supported by a team that includes the ASP Director, teachers specifically trained in addressing students’ learning challenges, the Academic Dean and Dean of Students, and the student’s faculty advisor.

Together, the team works tirelessly to help each student reach new levels of success and to keep parents well informed of learning progress.


ASP success comes from staff members who constantly encourage each boy to do his best.

They help students:

  • Set personal goals.
  • Improve specific learning skills.
  • Grow in confidence as they celebrate their accomplishments.
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