Summer Reading Guidelines



The Language Arts Department strongly encourages all students to do some independent reading during the summer vacation. Such reading helps to maintain and build skills as well as expanding a student’s knowledge and experience. Summer reading is also an opportunity for students to get some extra credit towards their first trimester grade in English.  A two-page report, covering the areas specified in the guidelines below, should be turned in to the student’s English teacher during the first week of classes. Extra credit points will be issued only for books on the approved reading list (or their sequels).



  1. Title and Author
    1. Plot Summary – Describe the major conflict in the story. Who were the protagonist and
      antagonist in the conflict? (Was there a problem? Who had the problem? What or who was
      the problem?) How was the conflict (problem) resolved? What did you learn from the
      conflict’s resolution? What did the main characters learn from/he conflict and its
      resolution? What is the Point-of-View (first or third person)?
    2. Character Description – Who was your favorite character in the story? Describe that
      character in detail. How did they look, and what was their personality like? How well did
      they get along with other characters, and how did they behave? Does this character teach
      us anything?
    3. Setting Description – Describe the setting in detail. Where and when does the story take
      place? Describe the mood of the story. Does the setting change at all? Does the mood
      change? Describe any changes and if you felt they were important.
    4. Theme discussion – What was the story’s main idea? Is there more than one main idea? Is
      there a moral to the story? Describe each and its overall importance to the story.
    5. Your Opinion – What did you think of this story? Would you recommend it to other
      students your age? Why or why not?


Each of the 6 sections in the Book Report: Title and Author, Plot, Character, Setting, Theme, and
Opinion must be included in your report.

REMEMBER: Reports are due during the first week of classes in September.

Summer Reading Guidelines