Culinart Dining

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In the private school sector, CulinArt maintains a contemporary approach to the school cafeteria, from exhibition cooking to sliced-to-order deli sandwiches to afternoon “fuel-for-fitness” programs.

CulinArt is a leader in private school dining programs, serving esteemed day and boarding schools throughout the country. Never a cookie-cutter, and always an innovator, we pride ourselves on the passion of our people, our staunch commitment to wholesome, nutritious meal preparation, our stringent sanitation and food safety programs, and our dedication to serving the students of these schools well, each and every time they sit down to eat.

CulinArt similarly understands that environmental stewardship is important to the educational development of students. Going beyond simply environmental awareness, CulinArt is a true partner in our schools’ sustainability missions. Together, we want to be environmentally innovative, instructive, creative, and proactive.

Culinart at The Phelps School

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at the school’s dining hall for boarding students. Day students can join us for breakfast and everyone eats together at lunch. Meals are served buffet-style at various stations (soup, salad, hot entrees, deli, pasta, and dessert) and water, juice, and hot beverages are available at all meals. During lunch, chefs also prepare a special featured entree that is served family-style at tables where faculty sit with students. Students and faculty truly enjoy the relaxed, community atmosphere at lunch, where conversation is encouraged and everyone works together to serve and clean up.

Food Safety

Any high-volume kitchen needs to follow certain food safety practices and protocols in order to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their workers and diners. This includes kitchens used in private school dining service programs. At CulinArt, our dining programs utilize best-in-class food safety practices that strive to exceed all local safety and health inspection standards. Our food safety protocols are engaged behind the scenes, but they have a major impact on the overall satisfaction of your students and staff.

The success of any dining service starts with exceptional ingredients, but in order for those ingredients to be transformed into delicious dishes, a safe and clean food prep area needs to be maintained at all times. CulinArt excels in this area because we don’t compromise on food safety. Our practices include:

  • Monthly Safety Training and Development Workshops that are mandatory for all food service personnel
  • ServSafe® certification accredited by the National Restaurant Association
  • Registered ServSafe® Instructors are available in all of the areas we service
  • All safety initiatives and programs are inspected and supervised by our Director of Food Safety
  • All safety initiatives are qualified by our Regional Safety Coordinators before they are implemented
  • Fresh foods are selected and purchased strictly from approved vendors who are regulated by federal, state, and local laws
  • Fresh foods are inspected by our vendors prior to delivery, and then they’re inspected again by our team members before preparing and serving
  • All team members, at both the management and associate levels, are trained in ServSafe®/HACCP procedures, which include proper temperature control (receiving, cooking, cooling, and serving), storage, and personal hygiene
  • All team members wear specialized safety footwear from Shoes For Crews, the leading provider of safety footwear for the hospitality industry

Visit the Culinart webpage to learn more about this innovative wellness partner.