Head Coach: Tim Knight

Coaching Philosophy:

Our aspiration is to create a team out of individual players that will compete and play the game of soccer with integrity. Soccer is a game that requires discipline, commitment and determination. With this in mind, we try to instill these attributes into our student-athletes in the classroom and on the soccer field. Our hope is that the lessons learned while being a part of our team will result in greater successes while at Phelps and when leaving our program to navigate their life’s journey.

An additional goal of the program is to help prepare those players who have aspirations of playing beyond Phelps. If a player has aspirations of playing soccer at a higher level, please communicate that with the coach right away.


Varsity Soccer
Date Time Day Opponent Location Result
14-Sep 4:00 Thurs Perkiomen Perkiomen
19-Sep 3:45 Tues CCS CCS
22-Sep 4:00 Fri West Nottingham West Nottingham
26-Sep 3:45 Tues Barrack Phelps
28-Sep 3:45 Thurs AIM Phelps
29-Sep 3:45 Fri CCS Phelps
3-Oct 4:00 Tues Perkiomen Phelps
4-Oct 3:45 Wed Renaissance Phelps
10-Oct 3:45 Tues Renaissance Renaissance
14-Oct 11:00 Sat AIM AIM
19-Oct 3:45 Thurs Barrack Barrack
24-Oct 3:30 Tues Playoffs TBD
26-Oct 3:30 Thurs Semi-Finals TBD
31-Oct 3:00 Tues Championship
JV Soccer
Date Time Day Opponent Location Result
18-Sep 4:00 Mon Perkiomen Phelps
25-Sep 3:45 Mon Barrack Phelps
27-Sep 3:30 Wed DVFS DVFS
2-Oct 4:00 Mon Perkiomen Perkiomen
10-Oct 3:45 Mon DVFS Phelps

Fall Sports