The Phelps School is an educational community characterized by reflection, rigor, self-discipline, and respect. Students from different backgrounds work and learn together. The Phelps School recognizes that a healthy community seeks to provide for the needs of its members and helps students achieve potential through competitive and instructional athletics.

Interscholastic athletics and the physical education program provide opportunity to develop skills, teamwork and self-confidence while encouraging healthy athletic competition. Athletics and physical education are integral parts of The Phelps School’s educational program. As in the classroom, students are expected to strive for and to achieve high standards. The program requires interscholastic competition and provides a range of choice with the goal of supporting the development of the whole child. Respect of coaches, teammates and opponents is essential as athletes aspire for individual and team goals. Winning and losing are intrinsic to athletics. Both provide opportunities for growth and improvement. Regardless of outcome, students and coaches are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and to see each performance as an opportunity for further growth and improvement. Athletes and coaches are expected to represent themselves and the school well at all times. Interscholastic athletic events are occasions for all community members to gather, to support their teams enthusiastically, and to promote good sporting behavior and school spirit.


Phelps School Athletics

Athletic Director : Brian Shanahan


Phone: 610-644-1754 ext 1600

The Phelps Center

New Athletic Center at The Phelps School Breaks Ground

With 22,500 square feet under air, The Phelps Center will function as a multi-purpose facility serving as home to a 500-seat competition gymnasium, able to be separated into three courts. Other highlights include locker and meeting rooms, common area, public restrooms, concessions, office space, and storage. The Phelps School capital campaign is in full swing, with hopes of raising $5 million to support this grand endeavor. The project is expected to be completed in 2018.