Class of 2007

Jimmy Ancel 7/19/2008

Jimmy is in Santa Cruz for the summer, taking classes and working. He is completing 1/3 of a year of credits this summer and plans to do that every summer so that he will be finished in three years instead of four. He is definitely enthusiastic about getting a job and having money. He is working maintenance on campus, which is going well, and he plans to continue throughout the next school year.


Peter Castelli 12/21/2010

Since graduating Phelps in ’07 I’ve been still doing my sports thing by coaching my local high school football teams and defense and also Pop Warner. Also, I’ve ben coaching sister’s basketball and swim teams. This summer I’m working at the U.S. Open Golf Championship. Also did an internship wiht the Redskins that didn’t last long but was fun. Well, that’s pretty much it for me.