Class of 2005

Glenn Kewley 8/24/2011

Glenn was discharged from the Navy on August 26, 2011 after serving for six years as a Nuclear Reactor Operator on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt.  In September he will begin classes to finish his undergraduate degree at Columbia University.
January 2012
 Glenn writes – “I am really enjoying my time at Columbia, and in New York City. I came here intending to major in Economics, but I had a some really inspiring professors my first semester that led me to branch out. I’m still considering majoring in Econ, but I am also considering continuing my previous study of physics with some courses this semester. In my US History class I discovered Columbia has an extensive history in physics research, most notably: Einstein was a professor here, as well as the development of the Manhattan, A-Bomb, project. I hope all is well at The Phelps School, and please pass on warmest regards to the faculty.”