Class of 1989

Todd Snider 2/16/2009

Todd writes, “In March, I’m going down to Florida for my sister’s wedding and am going to have a chance to see Dana Lynch (Boca).  Facebook has been a great way to find old schoolmates.  I can’t believe how many of the guys are on it.  It’s been great to get back in contact with them.”


Andrew Wilmerding 6/30/2008

Andrew recently served as a crewmember on board a 157 foot sailboat.  Andrew began his trip by flying from Boston to San Juan, and then to Grenada where the boat (pictured above) was harbored.  From Grenada, the crew set sail to St. Maarten for a restocking of food and supplies.  They also planned a stop in Bermuda for a few days before proceeding on the final leg to Newport, RI.  Andrew estimated that the trip would take approximately two weeks, and we look forward to hearing from him once they reach Newport!

The trip was great! Andrew and crew did not end up stopping after they left St. Maarten. They were able to sail more than they were planning since the winds were good. They only hit one storm off NC with 45+ mph winds and lots of rain and lighting. The boat was like a tank… with three reefs in the main, they still moved along at 12 knots!!
They saw huge marlin fish, whales and lots of dolphins who like to play in the wake of the bow. The baby dolphins were super cute – Andrew enjoyed watching them learn to jump in the waves.

Gregg D. Kashuck 4/12/2008

Gregg writes, “I have been married for five wonderful years to my wife, Danielle.  We have two amazing sons: Jacob, who is 2, and Ryan, who is 1.  I am currently enjoying working as a special education teacher, and I work with autistic students.”