Class of 1984

Scott Dunn 7/28/08

Jim Dunn, the father of Phelps alumnus, Scott Dunn, has published a book about Scott’s death in 1991: Trail of Blood, by James Dunn and Wanda Evans
Additionally, the documentary is now being shown on Tru TV, previously Court TV. The title of the documentary is “The Empty Grave.” He wrote the book as to help others in a similar situation. Mr. Dunn donates all proceeds from the book to Parents of Murdered Children or to The Missing Persons Center (CUE) in Wilmington, NC.
Scott loved The Phelps School and his teachers, especially Mr. Phelps. He learned a lot when he lived in the dorm and from Mr. Parney in particular.
Hugh Fenwick 7/18/2008
Hugh is living in Lake Tahoe and flying the Boeing 767 from JFK for American Airlines.
Roberto Victoria 6/5/2008