Class of 1968

Peter Hussing (6/8/2009)

Peter writes, “Well, well…and howdy do to you all. Since leaving Phelps, I went (graduated) to Florida State University for undergrad, then to University of Pittsburgh for grad…all in Marketing/Advertising. I didn’t finish GRAD because I got bored with what they were trying to teach. I was right as my career in these fields proved I knew more than they were professing to teach. Sound contentious? Nah. Since graduation of colleges, I have worked for advertising agencies and been in marketing for corporations. Mainly all in Fast Food accounts. IN FACT, and hopefully Norman T. Phelps Jr will read this and his beautiful wife-can’t remember her name-as she would appreciate this, I was RONALD McDonald in Pittsburgh for 3 years. Aaaah, where I took the beginning of my career! I live in a northern suburb of Atlanta and have been here since 1978, with a couple of off years in VA. That’s Virgina, not the Vet Admin. Had my own advertising agency for 15 years and sold it a few years back, but now am bored and looking. I’ll never retire. Might drive a school bus?? Talk about a variation on a theme-Phelps, college, grad work…. I’d like to hear from a few in my class of ’68 and/or ’69. Might suggest we all get together for a reunion party. So if you read this, send me an update where to reach you. Bye for now.”