Testimonials – Parents

Submitted by a parent of the Class of 2017:

“We found Phelps last summer after what was a difficult year.   Our son felt lost in the masses at public school, his self-esteem was eroding and he was becoming withdrawn.

The class size was ideal and we knew that here, in this supportive community and with more personalized attention he could find himself again, get his confidence back and be ready to take on the next chapter of his life after high school.

 We (all) have not been sorry for one minute – he transformed this year from a boy into a confident, responsible, enthusiastic young man who works to succeed.  His grades returned to A’s and B’s and every single teacher and coach he had this year made a difference in his life in big and small ways.

We believe so strongly in the work you all do at Phelps and wanted you to hear from those of us who have experienced it personally that you are changing lives.  Our son’s path is completely different than it would have been had he continued in the public school, and for that, we are so grateful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! ” 

Submitted by a parent of the Class of 2016:

“Since going to Phelps, my son evolved into a better person.  Not only did his jaw straighten out a bit and his voice deepen, but something shifted about his demeanor, which gave an aura of authority and confidence, discipline and curiosity. The school’s administration worked with me on the transition, but more importantly with my son. The Phelps School truly fosters an environment that maximizes the potential of all the boys there. I am nothing but grateful for the opportunities that the Phelps School created for my son and I am confident that Phelps prepared him well for the trials of college and the wonderful, yet testing life ahead of him.”

Submitted by a parent of the Class of 2015:

“As parents of two young men, each having their own dreams, strengths and areas of challenge, we looked for high schools that would support their growth into men of character as well as prepare them for a happy, successful life.   After looking at numerous schools, we were happily surprised to find one school that met the needs of both our sons.   We soon realized this was because The Phelps School lives up to their founder’s motto of ‘dedication to the individual boy’.

Since The Phelps School is a small community with a nurturing environment and a goal to know each individual boy, the school is able to address each student’s needs and strengths.  As students here, our sons have grown in abilities, knowledge, confidence and happiness.  Both will tell you that leaving the large school environment where ‘you are often over looked in the crowd’, was one of the best school choices they made.  They both have been happy to be students at The Phelps School.

Our younger son has been a student at Phelps for three years now and is entering his senior year this fall.  With the school’s caring support and encouragement for growth, we have watched him mature in independence and self-confidence while also enjoying significant academic achievement. His future is clearly brighter for having been a student here. “

Submitted by a parent of the Class of 2015:

“A strong asset of The Phelps School is the staff.  It is their business to know each student, care about what ‘makes them tic’ and help them to develop and strive for lifelong goals.   The support system provided by the staff is strong and also easy to access.  As various needs occurred, we found it easy to connect with the staff.   The teachers are open to student and parent input; as well as using their extensive experience to address student needs.  The Phelps School’s caring community, personal interactions, individualized focus and ease of access to staff members has made this a wonderful environment for both our sons to grow and learn.   We are very happy with our choice to send our sons to The Phelps School.”

Submitted by a parent of the Class of 2015:

Phelps has provided the framework for our son to realize his potential and work hard toward his goals.  It has not been easy or quick but little by little, he has turned into a young man. We have really noticed change in his belief that he can do the work and that he is as smart as any other kid.  He has been able to understand the differences in learning processes and he has embraced work as he has come to realize that there are no excuses anymore. We are very grateful and proud for the opportunity our son has received and for the positive impact this will have in his life!  It has all been possible through his effort and the support he has received from the Phelps staff.”

Submitted by a parent of the Class of 2015:

“The Phelps school has been an incredibly rewarding experience for my son and our family. My son struggled with academics and was lost in a larger school. The attention to the individual and the passion for connecting with the student exhibited by the staff at Phelps has been beyond our expectations. Our son has been transformed from a disenfranchised child, lacking in self-esteem to a successful student, engaged in sports and academics, capable of succeeding in an increasingly competitive world. Importantly, the teachers and staff at Phelps have consistently gone above and beyond what one would traditionally expect of educators and staff at school. They are an incredibly well-connected group that communicates with one and other and formulates and changes plans to ensure the child’s success. I could not be more pleased with the success my son has had at Phelps.”