Testimonials – Graduates

Submitted by a 2017 Graduate:

“I come from a big yet distant family, and I can genuinely say my perception of a family was changed whilst attending Phelps. At home, I never had much moral support in activities and endeavors in which I partook. But everyone here supports and challenges each other in everything. For me this made me feel a part of something bigger. While attending Phelps, I learned what it meant to never be outworked and the importance of making progress every day. Often I have sat and pondered how my life could have turned out if I did not attend Phelps. Honestly, I can’t see my life being where it is if I didn’t.”


Submitted by a 2014 Graduate:

 “My review is one of endearment and gratitude. I am graduating from the Phelps School this year and I have many, many good things to say about my experience.  I’ve been here for four years and although I’ve definitely had my ups and downs, the ups clearly overpowered the downs. The only thing that I can really say to the school is thank you.”